The blog is back!


I have decided to emerge from the blogging limbo I’ve been inhabiting since I’ve also been inhabiting Paris…

The transition from Australia to France has been pretty hectic from many points of view – musical, but also logistic, and administrative.  Getting myself into the scene and into the system here has taken my eye off the blogging ball!  But no longer!  More to follow shortly :)

Daniel Gassin is moving to Paris!

Well, the headline pretty much says it all…

Tickets are booked, and take-off from Melbourne is all set for June 13!

It’s definitely going to come up very soon (especially given the exciting musical projects I have coming up between now and my date of departure).

As could be gleaned from the fact that this is my first blog post in almost a year, I’m in need of a change and the fresh inspiration that goes with it.  And that should certainly come along in Paris, and also in Brazil and Central America, where I’ll be heading for 6-7 weeks beforehand!

Exact Paris arrival date TBC but will be mid-August for sure.

Really looking forward to the new adventure!

Josh Kyle @ Stonnington Jazz Festival – 19 May 2012

Hi guys,

Last week I had the pleasure of performing at the 2012 Stonnington Jazz Festival, as part of the Josh Kyle Quartet.  Josh Kyle is a great young singer who now lives in Melbourne, via Sydney and a stint in London.  His sound is original, not simply because he’s one of the few male vocalists in town, but also because he plays a lot of electro-sounding tunes/arrangements.  He writes interesting lyrics, and most of all, the guy can really sing!

Below is some video of some of the tunes from our gig at the Malvern Town Hall.

That night we were on a double bill with Rai Thistlethwaite, who most people know as the frontman from Thirsty Merc.  What less people know about Rai is that he’s a really great jazz pianist, too!  It was really cool to hear him play his compositions solo (piano and voice) – they had some really interesting and unexpected (yet musical) twists to the way the harmony and melody interacted with each other, which made for some great music.

Overall, a real fun night!

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Bell Award Nomination

Well, last week I was very pleased to have the Sextet nominated for a Bell Award in the category of Australian Song of the Year.  The song that was nominated was “Banff Song.”

Quite exciting given that it’s my first Bell Award nomination.

Fingers crossed now for the awards ceremony on May the 3rd!

Gig: Daniel Gassin Sextet @ Wangaratta Jazz Festival – 30 October 2011

Well last week the Sextet had its first festival gig – playing at the national jazz festival up at Wangaratta.

Despite the fact that we were playing at 11am on the Sunday morning (after a few quiet soda waters the night before) we actually managed to play a really good set of music.  We were very well received by the audience, sold some albums, and generally had a great time.  Quick pic below.

Gig: Daniel Gassin Sextet @ 505 for Jazzgroove – 20 September 2011

So yesterday I had a great time playing up at the 505 in Sydney with the Sextet.

Even though I was interstate playing with a ‘local’ band, I certainly felt pretty at home, what with my ex-Melbourne mates Cam McAllister and Dan Waples in the horn section, and Craig Simon making the trip up for the gig as well.

The Jazzgroove nights always seem to be well attended and have a good vibe and this one was no exception.  Thanks heaps to the boys (the above-mentioned ex-Melbournites plus Richard Maegraith and Ben Waples) for making it a great gig!  Few photos of the gig below courtesy of Aaron Blakey

Daniel Gassin Sextet nominated!

Well yesterday I had a great (in both senses of the word!) surprise when I learned that the Sextet has been nominated in the category of Best Independent Jazz Album for the 2011 Jaegermeister Independent Music Awards!

The other nominees are: Shannon Barnett (also on Which Way Music), Katie Noonan/Elixir, Allan Browne, Sandy Evans and Mark Isaacs.

Given the quality of the other nominees, it’s fair to say that I’m pretty stoked to be in their company!

Looking forward to the presentation night on October 12!

Gig: George Garzone – 21 August 2011

Well last night I had the considerable honour (and considerable pleasure!) of playing with US tenor giant George Garzone!

Having seen him sit in on the New Melbourne Jazz Orchestra with John Riley a fortnight ago, it was great to be able to play some tunes with him in a small group setting, with some of my good Melbourne jazz musician friends Hugh Stuckey (guitar), Phil Noy (alto), Carlo Barbaro (tenor), Remco Keijzer (tenor), Nick Mulder (trombone), Tamara Murphy (double bass) and Hugh Harvey (drums).

I think it’s fair to say that with Garzone + 4 horns (3 of them saxes!) the rhythm section was fearing a comp-a-thon, however it didn’t turn out that way at all (despite the fact that we played the obligatory “Giant Steps”), and everyone got a nice feature on a couple of tunes each.

Certainly a fun night and quite a privilege to share the bandstand with a true master of their instrument.

Gig: John Riley with the New Melbourne Jazz Orchestra – 7 August 2011 @ Bennetts Lane

Well last Sunday I had the privilege to play with the great jazz drum guru John Riley as part of the New Melbourne Jazz Orchestra

We played a mix of old classics and some newer material.  It was pretty impressive to see John hit his way through some pretty challenging music totally accurately the first time on rehearsal, and with complete authority second time through on the gig!

But John wasn’t the only highlight – we also had the pleasure and honor of sit-ins from tenor legend George Garzone and piano/arranger master Bill Cunliffe for a couple of tunes too! 

An above average evening of big band music!

Daniel Gassin Sextet @ Wangaratta Jazz Festival

Well I’m happy to report that the Sextet is performing at this year’s edition of the national jazz festival at Wangaratta.

We will be performing on 30 October at 11:00am at the “Jazz on Ovens” venue.

For full details go to:

Hope to see you there!