Gig: George Garzone – 21 August 2011

Well last night I had the considerable honour (and considerable pleasure!) of playing with US tenor giant George Garzone!

Having seen him sit in on the New Melbourne Jazz Orchestra with John Riley a fortnight ago, it was great to be able to play some tunes with him in a small group setting, with some of my good Melbourne jazz musician friends Hugh Stuckey (guitar), Phil Noy (alto), Carlo Barbaro (tenor), Remco Keijzer (tenor), Nick Mulder (trombone), Tamara Murphy (double bass) and Hugh Harvey (drums).

I think it’s fair to say that with Garzone + 4 horns (3 of them saxes!) the rhythm section was fearing a comp-a-thon, however it didn’t turn out that way at all (despite the fact that we played the obligatory “Giant Steps”), and everyone got a nice feature on a couple of tunes each.

Certainly a fun night and quite a privilege to share the bandstand with a true master of their instrument.

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