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  • Carole Hayes says:

    Hi Daniel, Just wanted to let you know that “Crossover” is being very well received by the listeners to Shoalhaven Community Radio and “All the Best”. Jazz standards are great but new original compostions are essential to keep programs sounding fresh and interesting. I especially like the title number “Crossover” and “7e Arrondissement”. Thanks for the kind words about the program; I only play the best. Best Wishes Carole.

  • Karolina says:

    Hello Daniel!
    I am Wojtek Ruszkowski’s cousin, classical pianist, currently living in Paris. Wojtek told me a lot about you and congratulations for your competition prize! I heard also that recently you have moved to Paris. I feel quite a beginner here still, but if you need any help, just let me know. And it would be great to hear you on some concert!
    Good luck and hopefully see you some time!

  • soraya says:

    hello! my name is Soraya and I sat next to your wife on the plane from Doha to Melbourne.
    if you ever go to Montreal, where I lived for 8 years, you might meet a very good friend of ours, Francois Bourassa, who like you, is a jazz pianist. his wife lived in our small village in the Jura, Chateau Chalon.
    we also live in the same area in Paris, so when I go back, I will try to come hear you in a bar in Paris so we can meet.
    hope to meet you and see Clarisse again!
    have a nice stay with your family in Melbourne

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