Album Review: Daniel Gassin Sextet

Hi everyone,

Here’s another review of the Sextet’s new album – this time today’s Weekend Australian.

Album reviews: Daniel Gassin Sextet

Hi guys,

Here’s two reviews for the Sextet album.

All About Jazz (Edward Blanco):

The Age (Leon Gettler):

Daniel Gassin Sextet featured on ABC Radio

Hi all,

Just a note that the Sextet album will be featured all week this week on ABC Jazz Digital Radio.

Here’s the link to my feature page:

And here’s the link to the ABC Jazz Digital Radio front page:


Daniel Gassin Sextet CD launch – 17 July 2011

Just a note to let everyone know that the album will be launched 17/07/11 at Bennetts Lane.

Really looking forward!  Hope to see you there with all your friends!


Sneak preview – Daniel Gassin Sextet album

Well yesterday I picked up my pressed albums from Which Way Music – can’t wait to launch and tour it now!

Below is a picture of the front cover.


Gig: Daniel Gassin Sextet – 26 April 2011 @ The Ellington, Perth

Well, with all the work on the album being pretty much done, I was able to go back to actually doing what I like best with the Sextet – i.e. playing!

I had a great gig at the Ellington playing with the cream of Perth’s musicians – Callum G’Froerer (trumpet), Carl Mackey (alto), Jamie Oehlers (tenor), Peter Jeavons (double bass) and Ben Vanderwal


A few photos below:

Daniel Gassin Sextet album to be released on Which Way Music

Well I’m extremely happy to report that the Sextet’s album will be released on Which Way Music

Given the calibre of the other musicians on this label, and the small number of releases, I’m really quite honoured!

Check out their website and have a look at the musical goodies that are already currently up there!

Gig: Craig Simon Collective – 6 December 2010 @ 505 Bar, Sydney

So on Monday night I had the pleasure of playing a set with Craig Simon’s collective up at the 505 Bar in Sydney. 
Having had Craig in my sextet for some time now, it was nice to reverse the roles and be his sideman instead!

It being Craig’s first gig as leader in Sydney (where he originally hails from) for some years, the concert was attended by a who’s who of the Sydney jazz scene.  Also on the bandstand for the gig were his long-time Sydney collaborators James Muller and Richard Maegraith, as well as gun young bass player Alex Boneham.

We played a set of my originals and it definitely had some good moments – in particular Craig was particularly volcanic throughout the whole night!

Some photos below, kindly taken and provided by Aaron Blakey:

Gig: Jazz Vibe

So last night I had the pleasure of playing for the first time with a new band that hopefully will hopefully take off!  It’s a collective thing, with all the members bringing tunes to play, which is really exciting.  The band features the considerable talents of of Hugh Stuckey (guitar), Phil Noy (alto), Ben Robertson (bass) and Craig Simon (drums).

What’s more the new band also got to play at a new venue, the Vibe Cafe in Collingwood.  The room was really enjoyable to play – the acoustics were really good, and the setup (complete with hip furniture) was orientated in such a way as to make the bandstand the focal point.  Well done to local drummer Mark Lockett who is responsible for putting this new night of Melbourne jazz on.

Some photos of our gig at Vibe are below:

Daniel Gassin Trio @ Bennetts Lane for Yamaha; 24 October 2011

Hi all,

Well last week I did a gig with the trio at Bennetts Lane to promote the new Yamaha DC5MK4PRO Disklavier, which is a hybrid synthesizer and C5 grand piano.  It’s a pretty cool thing, because it allows you not only to record and play yourself back, but also to use the piano as a trigger to whatever synth sounds you want to use.  You can also have a blend of a synth and acoustic piano sound in whatever proportion (the mix of the two is controlled by a foot pedal). 

I don’t fully understand the technology to it, but the general gist is that there are magnetic sensors under each key, which allow the instrument to precisely replicate every touch and inflection that you initially imparted when playing your original verison.

Anyway, we played a very enjoyable gig to an enthusiastic crowd of Yamaha management, reps and staff, and below are some links to the results! (you can also see these videos on the video page of my website).

Once it’s all recorded, there will be a very interesting setup of the instrument at Allans Music.  The piano will be replaying my performance note for note, with a flat screen sitting on it showing the video of the performance, and playing the sound of the rythm section players in synch with the piano and the video!

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